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Here Are a few of my Favorite Photos

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wedding.jpg (26008 bytes)
My Wife, Donna

dicha.jpg (28753 bytes)

My dog, Dicha

myhouse.jpg (46557 bytes)

My house in Milton, FL

norvahs.jpg (40630 bytes)

My first house in Norfolk, VA

 helofog1_small.jpg (1047 bytes)
The helicopter I use to train students
(Typical Cross Country Weather)

 sh-2f.jpg (22772 bytes)
Kaman SH-2F "Seasprite" LAMPS MKI
My Fleet Helicopter

 onfinal.jpg (30492 bytes)
Picture from cockpit landing on USS Donald B Beary (The Sea isn't usually this calm)

ocean.jpg (92178 bytes)
(More typical sea state)

 panlday.jpg (41138 bytes)
In flight shot of SH-2F cockpit

panlnt.jpg (28887 bytes)
Night shot of SH-2F cockpit (on deck)

 washdc.jpg (36379 bytes)
Picture I took of Washington DC
(Capitol and Washington Monument included)

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